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Workshop Safety

Here is a simple safety check you can perform each time and before you begin work. It'll help prevent accidents.

Be mindful. Look after yourself!

Subscribing members can click the link below to download a free copy of my 'Guide to Safe Woodcarving' (2011)

Subscriber download: A Guide to Safe Woodcarving


| 17 September 2014 20:13

I like this Zen safety video lesson.

Start Safe Finish Safe !

| 08 April 2011 10:19

That is very true. Anything that's dull - including us! - is hazardous. Includes bandsaw blades. It's always tempting to keep them going...

| 07 April 2011 01:46

Love the calm mindfulness approach, I think I remember why a dull tool is more dangerous than a sharp tool: less force to use = less energy = less chance to slip?

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