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Insert Repair

Carving away, I found the knot I'd assessed as 'live' (in other words still integral with the surrounding wood) was actually 'dead' (separated) in one particular area. Normally you can glue such a knot back in but this patch was also funky as I carved into it, and in a crucial place where it could be noticed...

It happens. What to do with such defect? There are really only 3 choices: ignore it; add filler to the gap; or insert a piece and re-carve. The last option is the best and can result in a practically invisible repair, and this is what I'll show you here - and all really close up!

Take your time:

  1. Match your wood carefully - colour, grain orientation etc
  2. Shape the insert - slightly taper it into the joint
  3. Mark the joint clearly and sneak up on it - you want a tight fit.
  4. A 'bridge clamp' is the easiest with small pieces
  5. You want 'squeeze-out' but don't wipe away excess; you can trim it off when all is dry.
  6. Re-carve and... find out how well you did! - which can be quite amazing.
  7. Don't tell anyone.



| 22 December 2020 23:17

Richard - Yes, basic outdoor woodworking (PVA) glue - the finished piece will go outdoors. I believe Titebond II is exterior too?

| 22 December 2020 17:03

Nice job and good point about not wiping the excess while wet - doin that would affect the appearance of just about any finish one might use. The glue you used looks like an outdoor PVA glue - is that the case? (I haven't seen that brand in the US). I'm assuming Titebond Type III would be OK?

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