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Private Classes with Chris

**Stop Press**

You won't be surpised to learn that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic I'm not offering any personal tuition for the forseeable future.

Why not dig deeper into Woodcarving Workshops?

I've been told it's almost as good (no tea!) if not better (pause me!) than the real thing... 



Do write to us at

But please read this first!

  1. Chris has only limited availability for personal, 1-on-1 instruction. There is no schedule as such; we'll do our best to work out suitable and mutually convenient dates.

  3. You must be a Woodcarving website subscriber to take advantage of private tuition. In planning for your private class; Chris will point you to relevant lessons on the website, which should work through prior to your visit. And at the end of your time together, he’ll make suggestions for follow-up video lessons and would want to keep in touch with your progress.

  5. Classes are available in 3-hour blocks. You can choose to come for the full day or half-day. Classes typically run on the weekend.

  7. The cost of private, 1-to-1 tuition is £40.00/hour plus VAT ie. £120.00 plus VAT (20%) for a 3-hour class.

  9. Although Chris will provide wood, tools, etc, students are asked to bring their own tools, sharpening equipment and any carvings completed or in progress. This really helps Chris understand your successes and challenges and thus how he can best help.

Bring a friend and save!
Chris’ workshop is small but there's room for 2 students. Bring a friend and we’ll offer a discount of 20% to each of you. £32.00/hour = £96/ 3-hour class plus VAT.

Where to find Chris.
Chris’s workshop is within a few miles from Hay-on Wye (the famous ‘Town of Books’) on the border of England and Wales, an area of great historical interest and outstanding natural beauty. So, if you're traveling with family, there's plenty to keep your partner busy while you carve!

Can’t Come to England?
Yes, it is possible to have remote 1-to-1 instruction using Skype, WhatsApp or a similar programme, thought it will depend on the broadband quality, camera and lighting in your workshop. Cost per hour would be the same. Feel free to write to us to discuss further.