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Our Beginners Course

Our Beginner's Course


Master woodcarver, Chris Pye, has designed this beginner's course to be as uncomplicated an introduction to traditional woodcarving as possible: a few tools, a few pieces of wood and exercises that build step-by-step into a low relief project.

The lessons are packed with fundamental woodcarving skills: efficient grips, transferable cutting techniques and clear, thoughtful advice that you'll return to again and again. All supported up by an in-depth, course manual.

What tools do I need? Just three!

  1. Medium gouge: Sheffield List #6 x 1/2in (14mm) - which is Pfeil cut #7)
  2. Very flat gouge: Sheffield List #3 x 1/2in (14mm) - which is Pfeil cut #2)
  3. V tool: 60° degrees x 3/8in. (10mm)

Optional Skew Chisel: Sheffield List #2 x 3/8in (10mm) - which is Pfeil 1S. You can substitute a knife with a sharp corner. And you may need a Carver's Mallet if your wood is very hard.

Wood? Two pieces, each about the size of an A4 piece of paper

Download full details: Tools and Wood for Beginners Course.
If you've been thinking about taking up a new pastime or have always admired woodcarving, now is your chance to enjoy a gentle-handed introduction to the craft!



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Course Videos

Thumbnails of just some of the lessons from our Beginners Course. You can't watch the videos until you're logged in as a subscriber, but you can see the video topics and their descriptions before you sign up.