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Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

What Subscribers Say about Woodcarving

  1. Reviews
  2. Comments from Subscribers
  3. A Beginner's Perspective 

1. Reviews

Wood Carving Magazine
"... [I] have to say that the video quality, the narration, explanations and step-by-step descriptions are superb. In truth I wouldn't expect anything less. I loved the fact that there were visual pointers and reminders in the form of text that mention the videos' salient points.

"... I can see why there is a fee attached to this site - which is no more than the cost of a coffee and sandwich every month. Nothing of this quality can be free; it costs to produce and maintain. We have, for a long while, had many things free on the web and as it develops, it becomes more likely that we will have to start paying for quality content. I for one do not mind paying to access information of this calibre..."
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Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine
"... Online video library provides a wealth of information. Chris Pye, the British master carver and the 2008 Woodcarving Illustrated Woodcarver of the Year, has created a new online video library full of extremely valuable information...

"... Books and magazines can only teach so much; sometimes you actually need to see someone carving to fully grasp the concept... The video site gives carvers the opportunity to see Chris in action from the comfort of their own home. Members can carve as they watch the video, and it's easy to stop the video, rewind, and watch specific segments again. The video site is invaluable to carvers of every skill level... If you are serious about learning to carve using traditional hand tools, this site is easily worth the low monthly fee..."
Full review here

Rennaissance Woodworker 

" ... Chris Pye is a reknown woodcarver with decades of experience and a body of work that is astounding so there really is no doubt he knows his stuff.

"Expertise is one thing but being able to convey the message is an entirely different trait. It is obvious Chris has years of teaching experience too as his presentation style is spot on..."
Full review here

Tools for Working Wood 

"...Chris has always been interested in finding new ways of teaching to a wider and wider array of students. Although revenue from print instruction has declined, good teaching materials still take lots of time and resources to create. Chris' 's solution to both problems is engage his students directly and personally on a new wonderfully executed web site... 

"What Chris has done is build a subscription website with some of the highest quality made for the web videos I have ever seen. I just watched a two minute clip and learned something! ... The very high quality of the videos in both instruction and production values raises the bar for all of us. I think I'm seeing a glimmer of the future of craft training..."
Full review here.

Woodcarving Magazine  2022

"Chris has a great way on camera ... He explains everything in a calm and thought-out way. The camera ... is always where it needs to be, showing what the tool should be doing and how you should hold it."

Full review here


2. A Selection of Comments from Subscribers:

  • "While I have not carved any of the projects that Chris has illustrated on the carving site I have learned to carve by studying everything he does. I have carved three nature spirits, a love spoon and a flower project that is done in the style of Grinling Gibbons. Thanks to Chris's skillful instruction, and my ability to take my time and follow his instructions, the carvings have exceded my expectations of what I thought I could have ever accomplished. Thank you and Chris so much for what you are giving us carvers out there that do not have the advantage of being able to go to someone for tutoring. Because of your website my skill level has really improved and I spend a lot of time watching, imitating, practicing and learning. I would not be where I am today if it were not for this wonderful site. Thank you...Thank you..." Sincerely, Linda Smother. PS. I am seventy three and have been carving now for two years.

  • "This is definitely a valuable resource to the carving community..." Bob Duncan - Technical Editor, Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine

  • "I think you have hit the sweet spot. Keep on giving us the good stuff. Love it!" ~ Eric Root

  • "... your work is beautiful and you are an excellent teacher!  I hope that one day I will be able to take one of your workshops, until then I am happy that I can learn from you online." ~ Gayle Robertson

  • "Thanks for the 20% reduction offer, but you know, I  don't mind keeping my subscription at the current rate. I think it's worth it, and I just wanted to reaffirm that. Thank you for your dedication and for offering a means of keeping all-things-woodcarving on my radar." ~ Russ Lavigne

  • "... I have bought a few dvd's about how to get started and how to do this and that but none are as clear and succinct in your ability and clarity to bring the message across...  thank you very much, I cannot wait to see all of your videos and watch your expertise." ~ Mario Garcia

  • "I have enjoyed watching your TV lessons - it is a great concept and I talk it up when ever I get a chance. They are very well done - you have raised the bar for instruction on the web. I cannot think of anything that comes close to what you have put together for carving. I hope you are getting many subscribers. " ~ Doug Thompson

  • "I've admired your work for some time, and as I've just recently (four years) begun carving I find your videos not only entertaining but inspirational and very helpful." ~ Louise Hemphill

  • "Your new websites are fabulous, and the videos are among of the best I've seen. I really appreciate their high resolution, and even more so the way you can encapsulate a lesson into only a few minutes. (Who really needs to watch every minute of a 4 hour project?) Thanks for this clear and concise approach! " ~ Bob Easton

  • "Your site looks awesome. Very successful. Crisp, clear, appealing, and funny." ~ Laurie Stearns

  • "I found all of the videos really helpful, particularly the preparing the carving and bosting in videos. I wish I had known a few of those tricks before I had started some of my projects, it would have saved me a lot of time." ~ Ben Thompson

  • "Can I take this chance to say how good the camera and filming is. The lighting, angles and composition in the videos is a real piece of art. You have also managed to capture a style of a homely one-to-one tutorial which turns it from being 'talked at' to 'sharing with'." ~ Duncan Smith

  • "Your suggestions and methods of teaching are outstanding and I hope all of your students truly appreciate your knowledge not only of carving and the subject matter, but your excellent abilities to create ideal conditions to "show" a person how something is to be done with your videos! You are a true professional in every sense!! I highly recommend you if someone would want a recommendation from a beginning student." ~ Don Tate

  • "Thank you for responding to my email so quickly.  I have now joined up successfully. I have watched a few videos, and they are so good, with so many tips.  I would like to thank you both for the help you give both freely on the mini videos, and via the membership.  Please pass on my extra thanks to Chris, he is a gem of a teacher."  ~Sue Salustri

  • "I'm a relatively new subscriber, but I can't believe how much I've learned in the last few weeks, thanks to you. I've taken on several projects that would not have been possible for me without your instruction." ~Joey Bolton

  • " I want to say that I really appreciate your website - your method of "distance teaching" really makes it easier to "absorb" lessons much easier, as well as visualize the requisite "motions" required to make the different cuts. ... I have been able to learn quite a bit from you as a teacher - not just from the videos on the actual carving, but also the "tricks" you have learned through practial neccisity ... Thanks for an awesome website, and being an awesome teacher!" ~;Jeffery Oliver

  • "Thank you very much Chris. We consumers appreciate it  VERY much, when a man such as yourself, a carver, an author, a businessman AND a teacher, a man who is very busy, takes the time to give such a comprehensive answer to a neophyte's basic question. Thank you." ~ Frank Katusa

  • "I have learnt so much and the videos are excellent. Over the months of watching I have started to understand and "feel" how Chris approaches carving with a true balance of artistic flair, craftsmanship and generosity to share his experience."  ~ Duncan Smith

  • I’m writing to express my gratitude to you for your lettercarving book and DVD’s, and the letter carving videos on Woodcarving Workshops. When I discovered these several years ago I’d been doing wood sculpture and was looking to develop new skills. Letter carving immediately appealed to me, and with your guidance I’ve been able to design & carve inscriptions for churches and nonprofits here in Portland Oregon. Since I’m retired, I’m able to offer these as gifts or direct my fees to nonprofits serving low-income folks. So, many are benefiting from your teaching work." ~ Mitch Lang

  • "I ... just want to take a moment to thank you for being so generous of spirit and creating such a wonderful collection of videos and such a deep well of information. Your approach and tone is so welcoming and the demonstrations and explanations have been incredibly helpful."  ~ David Lane

  • Can I just say that the course is very professional and thorough. The way Chris explains the different processes in a quiet way taking the time to explain exactly how to achieve a professional results is fantastic."  ~ Pete Davies

3. A Beginner's Perspective (PDF) -  short essay from subscriber, Justin Moon