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About Chris Pye

Woodcarving Workshops - About
Chris Pye


Chris Pye's Website:

Chris Pye has been woodcarving since 1975, having originally training with mastercarver Gino Masero and is a member of the Master Carvers’ Association. A well-respected woodcarving author and teacher, he has written 8 books on the craft and taught internationally.

For more biographical information and to see his work, visit his website, here.

An appreciation of Chris Pye from Woodcarving Magazine 2022, here

Woodcarving Workshops was created by himself and wife, Carrie, in 2011:

Woodcarving Workshops - About Carrie Camann

Carrie is the other half of the team: filming, editing, admin etc.

And, should you write to us, will very likely be the person who'll reply!