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Hoicking: 'To move or pull abruptly', sort of jerking or yanking.

It's not an official woodcarving term but I've hoicked it out of the dictionary because I can't think of a better word for this particular technique, a very useful  way of cleaning up difficult areas, such as when you have undercut into end grain.


| 18 April 2016 08:11

That's a good idea Chris! I steal it like this, le 'Hoick'.

| 18 April 2016 07:31

François - Perhaps you could steal it for France? Le Hoick, like Le Weekend. After all, we've stolen enough great French words...

| 15 April 2016 18:15

Hello Chris, I love it! but I don't know how I can call it in French? :-) I will find, for sure!
Thank you for the trick.

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