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Difficult Grain

Wood not behaving as you'd like? Tearing unexpectedly? Difficult Grain?

It happens all the time to carvers; we're all over the wood and our tools will encounter fibres going every which way, from every which angle.

Techniques for dealing with it?

Yes, there are and, in this lesson, I'll get you orientated into the wood, show the issues and then giive you a few golden rules and suggestions.

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| 20 October 2019 13:22

Netanel - It's rare that I can't deal (and fairly easily) with difficult grain using the approaches I give you above. However, designs are infinite and it may be the case you are forced to work in a way you don't want to, in which case you may find a shortbent or backbent gouge is what you need. Then again, did you see me sharpen the pencil 'backwards'? It's amazing what you can do slicing with light cuts and a keen gouge.
Don't worry until it happens!

| 20 October 2019 06:42

Hi Chris
The video is very helpful , and i have a question about adapting the design to the direction of the fibers:
Even though i go along the fibers , sometimes i have a necessity to go against the fibers because of the design . In this matter i understand NOT to do this and slice across the grain . If the gouges are sharp enough , there should not be a problem .
The only thing i can think could be a problem is in a surface that go along the grain the design force me to carve in the opposite direction .
what do you think about that ?

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