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Repairing Knots

Not all knots are bad, and whether you leave them is up to you. For me, it's about how much they distract from the woodcarving itself and, if so, whether repairing them would improve matters.

In this lesson I'll demonstrate 2 ways woodcarvers repair knots, or similar blemishes. The first is with a plug cutter, readily available from woodworking suppliers. The second is very much the carver's way, one that involves a quite satisfying way of using carving tools: making what's traditionally called a 'dutchman' (sometimes a 'dutch cap').




| 06 October 2018 09:54

James - If you reckon the knot is particularly hard or gritty, that would be a very good idea.
Thanks for suggesting it.

| 04 October 2018 08:50

Hi Chris in the Dutchman would it be better to bore out the center of the knot first and then carve out the edges to lesson the chance of damaging tools?

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