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Hands vs Mallets

I've been asked a few times about when it's appropriate to use a mallet and when to work with your hands. It's not just about the hardness of the wood or the size of the gouge, there's a whole other side to the mallet that you might never have thought of. Let me show you.

(I never thought I'd be talking about the difference between analogue and digital clocks on this website! But here I am, drawing an analogy between two ways of carving.)


| 09 July 2021 20:05

Reginald - I've never seen a mallet made from Yew but I would think it's quite similar in hardness to Beech. So, providing you made the mallet from the yellow heartwood rather than the white sapwood then, yes, I think Yew could work for a mallet. Let us know how you get on!

| 20 June 2021 16:07

As always Chris, you do an excellent job of teaching. These are simple concepts but very important and they mean even more after you've carved a little bit. Always amazed at how eloquently you get points across. Thanks, Eric

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