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6 Peonie-like part 2

The outer petals of the peonie are similar to those of the hellebore; it's the inner ones, around the central mass, that need special treatment.

I'll give you my working method to create these petals but you'll also see I make them up a bit as I go along! If you run into trouble, mock up just the inner shape (ignoring the outer petals and have another go. Remember that this is a practice board.

Subscriber download: Swag of Flowers - Working Drawings


| 05 June 2016 16:53

Melanie (Lennie) - That's a good question. I didn't actually, and that's only because I've carved many flowers before, and was very familiar with them. But I normally would have photos, drawings etc to make sure I knew what I was doing. It's about information: if I don't have enough, I'm unlikely to carve something right. Enough preparation is a general principle of all carving!

| 05 June 2016 06:41

I very much enjoy having these smaller practice projects to prepare for a large piece. In carving this peonie-like flower, did you have a photo, clay model, or real flower for reference while you were carving?

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