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2 Daisy-like part 2

Here, I'm finishing off the petals and flower centre.

Carrie has opted for long video footage of me just carving. I hope you can see that a lot of the time I make things up as I go along... Once you have the basic form, shaping the petals etc. is a little like painting. Don't be afraid to experiment - this is meant to be a practice for the swag. Some bits you'll like, other not so much - all good to know!


Subscriber download: Swag of Flowers Working Drawings


| 15 July 2016 12:01

Penny - Woodcarvers punches (in this case 'ring' or 'circle' punches) are definitely 'out there', so don't give up. We have a little series in the pipeline on making punches and frosters yourself. It's quite straight forward. Keep an eye on Carrie's bulletin!

| 14 July 2016 17:38

Where do you buy those punches that you used for the center of the daisy? I can't find them in any of my catalogs.

| 09 July 2016 17:48

love, love, love!

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