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8 Tulip-like part 2

Essentially, in this shape of tulip, we have a hollowed goblet. From the hollowing, we turn to the back petals, and the trick here is to lead into them from the front petals.

Only hollow out the tulip enough to make the effect.

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| 14 March 2017 06:20

Karen - Yes indeed. You can't lift the tip too high as the grain is short and it will be quite weal. But some hollow certainly.

The excavated hole is effectively an undercut and the rule here is you go as deep as you need to to create the effect you want from the chosen viewpoint.

| 13 March 2017 16:30

Chris on the front petal could you not hollow out across the top to give the impression that the petal was tipping slightly forward as in the side ones? How deep is the hole at the top, the centre of the flower?

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