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1 Daisy-like flower

These carved flowers begin a short series that culminates in a Baroque-style 'swag' of flowers: first we'll carve a variety of commonly stylised flowers, then we'll put them together into a bunch. 

I've split the project up like this for 2 reasons: First, you can't really carve the swag unless you are comfortable with the flowers themselves, so we need to practise the flowers until we are really comfortable. Second, you can see these as stand-alone flowers, with applications to all sorts of ornamental carving.

I'm calling the first flower 'daisy-like'. It is like a daisy but stylised - in other words I'm not trying to carve a 'real' flower but something of that ilk that carves well. And they do! I'll show you how to take a proto-daisy and spawn a big number of variations. And this is what you want: lots of interest; not all flowers looking exactly the same.

You'll need some carveable wood to practise on. I'll add pictures and working drawings to the download but more than anything get an idea of my approach and how these flowers 'work', then you can adapt them to different projects as you need.


Subscriber download: Swag of Flowers - Working Drawings


| 23 August 2018 22:01

All this variety of flowers is wonderful, adding so many ornamental possibilities, and just what I've been hoping and wanting to see! Not sure if I'll tackle such a formal-looking project as the entire swag, but learning each stylized flower type is like receiving another gift.

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