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13 Introducing the Swag

You really need to practice the individual flowers before you tackle the swag proper. The swag is all about arranging the individual units and you want to be familiar with these before you start,

I'm musing Limewood for the carving, some 3in. (75mm) thick. I'll put a sketch of the profile in the download but you should feel free to alter the length and curve to suit your project.

Some helpful videos elsewhere in Woodcarving Workshops:


Subscriber download: Swag of Flowers - Working Drawings


| 01 September 2016 13:53

Reid - Although it was very common to see Baroque swags fully gilded, my own, perhaps more modern, preference is to use gold (gilding) selectively on plain wood, rather than covering the whole thing. Picking out elements, so to speak.
I do gild and I'm sure we'll have some lessons on it in the future. In the meantime you'll find lots of info and courses online.

| 21 August 2016 14:23

Gilding: Are any of your carvings gilded? Do you do gilding, if so, what are your suggestions?

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