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10 Buds and Stalks part 2

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| 28 June 2016 11:32

Caerlynn - You can see the beautiful cuts one can get with a gouge, that's because the gouge 'jigs' itself along its sweep; you can hardly go wrong... The lovely slice also leaves a very sharp bottom to the V. A V tool itself will always want to cut against the grain on one side and leave a more rounded bottom to the groove. So, for what we need here, the gouge wins!

| 22 June 2016 16:34

Dear Chris,
in this Buds and Stalks part 2 I see you use various gouges on the buds details. My first reaction was that I would have thought you'd use a v-chisel instead. At least that would have my first move. I think I will have to practice more this slicing action. (?)

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