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15 Bosting the Ends

Often, the ends of a swag arise from, or turn into, something else: other foliage, skulls or drapery; all sorts of things - have a look! Here, I'm running the stalks into the bell of another flower, which eventually will fit snugly into the corner of a picture frame. The line of these stalks is quite important; they need to ring true both at the end flower and as they swing down to the main clusters. Remember that the stalk runs into the hollow of the end flower.

I made up a simple end flower from a photo of a swag I saw on a wall. I strongly suggest you make a little clay model first. The whole thing is distorted and flattened as it comes close to the back surface and you need to grasp fully how it all 'works'.

Subscriber download: Swag of Flowers - Working Drawings
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