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16 Finishing

Quite a lot of finishing is needed here: woodworm holes to be repaired and the wood needs treating in case there is anything live in the wood; the post to be stained and the whole to be sealed.

Warning: Never handle wood that has been treated with woodworm fluid unless you are wearing protective gloves, or the wood has been well sealed.


| 01 December 2016 19:13

Karen - Van Dyke crystals are a natural water-based wood dye made from walnut husks; a very old form of wood stain. And it IS a stain. I only used it on the post to differentiate it from the bird. The bird itself looked good au naturel.

This way of filling woodworm holes works well in end grain. When the holes are to the side, you'd see the end grin of the wood pike showing up. If I had a larger hole to fill, and especially side grain, I'd patch in a piece of wood to match the figuring.

| 02 March 2016 06:18

Been a member here for years now, seen every video, most multiple times, and this is still my favorite project. Thanks so much, Chris and Carrie, for all you do!

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