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8 Bosting part 3

With this lesson we have completed our first bosting 'pass'.

You can think of carving as making a series of 'passes' coming closer and closer to the finished surface. As always, though, one 'pass' is laid on the previous. You need to get the first one right in order for the second one to be correct.


| 11 February 2014 08:51

Eric - Yes, you've got it. Two things: (1) You can't carve fresh air. Thus, only undercut when you are sure you have everything in place - and because there's a lot of adjusting to do as you settle into the form, undercutting usually and wisely ends up as the last thing. (2) Thin wood is weaker than thicker wood. Thus, keep edges thicker until you know you won't inadvertently damage them. And, yes, it is important because you can easily ruin a carving by undercutting to early. See it too as part of that, 'Carve the form into the space' idea. As the form develops you'll find it naturally leads into the spaces, and that includes the undercutting. Once you know where the undercutting will be, you can leave it until the end when you know all parts of the carving will be 'safe'.

| 11 February 2014 03:34

Chris, I have heard you on several videos and projects "warn" about not to undercut something, in this case the outline of the bird's wing next to the breast of the bird. You say "you might lose the edge". I think I know what you mean (from making mistakes myself), but can you clarify what exactly you are warning us about. My limited knowledge and experience says if I undercut something too early or too much, I don't have any options to define the shape anymore because I have boxed myself in with no more material to work with. Am I close? Because you say it often, it must be important and you usually say it at the boasting stages of projects. Thanks.

| 17 September 2011 00:53

I have been sort of teaching myself to carve....then I joined your! All I can say is a big THANK YOU SO MUCH for showing me how to carve in the round. I had absolutely no idea but now I am eager to try!
Nancy J Kelly

| 19 July 2011 16:08

I don't know that I will ever achieve this level of carving, but your demonstration and instruction certainly makes it seem accessible. It's exciting to see the shape emerge.

Steve Kay

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