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6 Bosting part 1

'Bosting' is the woodcarver's term for a bit more than 'roughing out'. It's a sort of thinking and feeling into the piece, placing the masses and sketching in the flow between. And we start here.

Bosting is arguable the most important stage in a carving. If we get this right, everything else follows.


| 08 November 2012 11:59

Charly - That's a very good question! It's all about information: I need enough to know what I'm doing, to see into the wood so to speak. The Pelican was designed to fit into a square block/post and bandsawing from the side-on drawing, along with the picture, was enough for me to get well enough into it. This Merlin was much more complicated in its relation to the post it sits on, I didn't have a picture of the finished carving. I needed a lot more help I could get before I started!

| 07 November 2012 22:34

Hi Chris, is there a reason why for the pelican we did not do a clay model and for the Merlin we did?

| 18 January 2012 16:20

Douglas - Asking questions and commenting on what you see is important! As the site grows and as you look around more, you'll find ever more cross-references, or repeats of techniques, and your questions will be answered though another context. There is a link under the video above with the tool list for this project - normally tools that are reasonably close will do as well. We try to give the names of the important tools I'm using on the screen at the time. Look to the mallet lessons in techniques section for info on those. As to where to get tools etc, it depends where you live. You'll find local carvers/carving clubs, carving magazines and web searches are great sources of information.

| 17 January 2012 23:11

Sorry to be asking a lot I guess that the reason I subscribed? what size gauge and mallet are you using and where can one get them from?

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