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11 Refining 3

Continuing the second 'pass', turning to the wings.

At this stage, we are not undercutting anything, just coming closer to the shapes we want, from the back and 'shoulders, down to the wing tips and tail. It's very important to establish the line of the body through the tail and how the bird sits on the post.


| 07 March 2016 20:22

Penny - Honestly, I don't think the merlin would go well on top of a newel post: the beak is hazardously sharp, the talons vulnerably delicate and of course you've mentioned the sticking out tail. If you start altering these things, suddenly you don't have a merlin. If you look at the Pelican project, which is on a newel post, you'll see how compact and 'safe' it is. For good reasons!

| 07 March 2016 13:27

I would love this as a newel post at the bottom of the staircase however I think I would have to make the tail a little stronger or more attached to the post. Any suggestions?

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