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13 Details part 1

Turning to finalize the legs, feet and talons. And undercutting - at last!

Undercutting from both sides of the leg means you create a hole underneath, between the leg and the top of the post. The real secret is to pay complete attention to the form you are cutting. Run the surface round and lead it beneath and you'll find the hole will take care of itself.

And the talons - a bit tricky. Undercutting from both sides may well lead to a hole beneath, or even the talon separat from the post. Because the grain runs along them, they are stronger than you think. Just make sure they have mean, killer points.


| 09 October 2014 05:46

Kenan - The problem we have is that there is SO much we could show in these more advanced projects that we have to triage a bit - not to mention that sometimes it's very difficult to film a tiny element, or even for me to carve while being filmed! Our bottom line is to try and show enough so that, for someone actually doing the project, it will be obvious what to do next, even though I haven't shown it. If you did this project you would find that, although they look complicated, the carving of the talons still follow the 'form into space' principle I keep mentioning on other videos. By this I mean you would shape the talons and, as you bring their form round, you start undercutting. At the same time you also start bringing the surface plane of the the post - another form - into the undercut beneath the talons. When you have gathered the forms, so to speak, into the undercutting, you'll find the space naturally pierces through.

| 04 October 2014 20:38

Chris, I love the videos! I was wondering if in the future when you are carving a project, could you please spend a little more time with the detail work? For example, this video you show the carving of the talons up to a point and then the next shot is all the talons completed. These areas of focus is where a lot of us are trying to understand the process. Just a thought!

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