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Tiny Tools

Disclaimer: I have no financial or vested interest in Dockyard tools but I do have an interest in showing you useful tools, especially ones I've used on Woodcarving Workshops for tiny details, so here is a proper introduction.

Dockyard make very small tools, not all of them useful for the sorts of things I carve but they are well made and tempered. In this video I'll look at the ones I find most useful and the best ways to hold them (a new grip!). Also how I transform a chisel into a flat gouge which, at the moment is not on Dockyards inventory.

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As a good rule: don't buy any carving tools until you really need them! Search online for local sources.

Here is the Dockyard Tools website.


| 23 August 2021 20:10

Thank you for video, especially the grip and sharpening parts.
I can recommend the Dockyard tools as well. Lately I find myself grabbing them more an more, especially for small spots and tight corners. You do need to be careful with them; I somehow managed to break the corners of my 2mm V-tool and gouge...

| 05 April 2021 21:04

Imran - Thanks! This is such a small tool that the main work is putting the slight curve on the outside bevel, so that the corners stand clear of the wood for a shallow cut. Once you have that outside sweep, try and mach it as best you can with an inside bevel from the slipstone. It's really not very much.
The burr always means you have crossed the edge in sharpening, so you'll need to remove it without creating a burr on the opposite side.

| 04 April 2021 16:41

Hi Chris. Happy Easter to you and your family. Re: where you show how to modify the DY chisel into a flat gouge. Where you are modifying the inside of the chisel on the slip stone, what is one looking at? How does one recognize when to stop? Is it just the appearance of burr on the opposite side? Thank you

| 21 May 2020 09:46

Great wee video, thank you... I have dockyard mini tools but use them sparingly as the idea of having to sharpen them ....scared me... ruining expensive tools ! Although after watching a few videos from here I have much more confidence in this activity. I got the micro tools as I discovered that I like detail in carving as much as in my pencil drawings and was getting a wee bit frustrated and kept getting that saying in my head, ‘bad workmen always blame their tools’. But since I’ve only been carving a wee while, just lack of knowledge n experience

| 20 February 2020 10:01

Hi Chris. Just info for uk members I found that the Cornwall school of art craft and jewellery stock the Dockyard tools.

Hope this is ok to post this.

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