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Forming a New Tang

So, there I was, happily bosting in the Tawny Owl project with my favourite sculpture gouge, one that I've been using for 40 years or so, when I felt the blade go loose in the handle. The tang had broken; there was only a short stub of metal left when I pulled it out.

When you think of the hefty lump of metal at the far end of the shoulder compared with the slender tang at the other, it's not surprising that the tang breaks in these wide, heavy duty gouges. In fact, it's more of a surprise to me that the last so long. I've always thought a socket for the handle would be a better tougher option. But, hey, we have what we have. 

But all is not lost! I repaired the tool and now it's back doing what it's good at.

Don't forget: Protect your eyes and lungs from the metal grinding dust.

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