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Auriou Carving Tools

A short video in which I introduce and endorse the new Auriou carving tools from Forge Saint-Jeury, which I helped to re-design.

We started with 7 tools in the first sets off the forge and which you see here: #3, 6 & 9 x 1/4in. (8mm) & 1/2in. (14mm), and a 3/8in. (10mm) 60deg. V tool; and have now added #3, 6 & 9 x 3/4in. (18mm)

These tools should be available from:

Australia Lie-Nielsen Australia

France Forge de Saint Jeury - Home of Auriou Toolworks

Germany Magma Fine Tools

Germany Dictum


Sweden Hyvlar

UK Classic Hand Tools

USA Tools for Working Wood

USA Lie Nielsen Tools

USA The Craftsmans Choice


| 28 March 2018 16:37

Hello, Although Auriou tools have pages on the 'Classic Hand Tools' they do not seem to be available - has anyone in the UK bought any recently?

| 23 May 2016 12:38

Shane - I had found that the #3's of current carving tools were not so flat as they used to be - my favourite tool being an old Herring make. I asked Ashley Iles to make a flatter gouge and, since their #3 was already spoken for, they designated the new tools #2 1/2. When it came to helping design the Auriou tools, I asked them to go back to the original flatness of the #3s, so the Auriou #3 should be a very flat gouge, like the 2 1/2's.

| 21 May 2016 21:47

Hi Chris, would an Auriou 3 be equivalent to your A.I. 2 1/2?

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