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Auriou Lettering Gouges

This video is me talking about a set of 7 tools from Auriou: 5 gouges, a fishtail gouges and a fishtail chisel which, together with the Auriou Lettering Chisels, precisely incise the alphabet I have designed for the download below. You can of course use these gouges for your normal carving too.

The wider gouges are 'allongee': splaying the blade from the shoulder, making these tools lighter and with more visibility and knife-like corners at the cut. Forged to great resilience and edge-holding, as always, by Forge de Saint Jeury.

Important note: I have designed the complete set (chisels and gouges) to cut a particular Trajan Roman Aphabet (font) at 45mm. You can download this accomanying alphabet, full size and with all sorts of helpful notes, below. Other styles and sizes of alphabets will almost certainly need different gouges.

These tools should be available from:

Subscriber download: Chris Pye Auriou Lettercarving Tools and Alphabet
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