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16 Collar part 3

In this video, I complete the inside of the collar, working down into the V junction where the opening corners and sides of the collar meet at the top button.

I'll show you some ways of tackling what is not an easy bit of carving; you are working into end grain very precisely. Try not to hold your breath too long.


| 08 November 2013 05:10

Another beginner's observation, Chris. I see that no matter what type of chisel you select to use, the same principles of operation apply, the slicing cut. It is great to see you do it with so many types of chisels. It drives it home that the slicing is what makes the clean, controlled cut. Carrie, thanks for making sure we get to see Chris tidy things up with his detailed, precise final cuts. It is what separates his carvings apart from the common (and those of us who are still trying!). I make it a point to try and emulate in all my carvings, having seen what results if I do not. To see a master like Chris have to take time to finish that off is so much precision gives us beginners some insight into what to expect at the detail level.

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