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12 Undercutting the Cuffs

From undercutting the front shirt tails, move to the cuffs. Undercut where these rest on the shirt body (the 'back' edge of the cuffs) first, then turn to the insides.

Essentially, undercutting within the cuffs makes them look 'hollow', like sleeves. Yours will no doubt be different from mine so in this video I can really only give you some guidelines on how to approach the job.

Be clear about how the cuffs 'work': Each cuff has a split that joins further up the sleeve. Each edge of this split is stiffened to take buttons (and button holes) and turns differently. Sort this out first. The undercutting has a degree of 'picking away at it' as you work along the grain into the tight join; but do make sure you finish off your surfaces cleanly.

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