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15 Collar part 2

This is quite a long, extensive lesson; I wanted you to see the logic of how I'm carving here: my approach.

One edge of the collar leads into the body of the shirt and forms the button strip. This edge is the next important part to establish and leads into undercutting on that side within the collar. The opposite edge can be naturally led behind the first to where a button will eventually lie and, again, the undercutting smoothly follows.

Take your time; look at your model; understand how the turnover works and carve it carefully. Sharp tools (of course!) and no levering on the ever-more-delicate collar.

At the end of this stage, the collar is beginning to look great!


| 29 November 2014 17:40

I'd love to be able to add something,but I can't say thank you enough for this project. Exquisite!!

| 08 November 2013 04:53

Chris AND CARRIE! I want to second Ann's comment above and elaborate. I have watched almost every video on your site over the last few years. As I watched each video of this shirt series, I was struck by how MUCH was shown in this series, as if all the other techniques were gathered together to show us and integrated use of tools and techniques in ONE project. Suberb! I kept telling myself, I want to do this project just so I can use all the techniques and tools at once, in one project. What a learning opportunity. I also was very appreciative of the videos that have shown the application of the special tools, the spoonbent V-tool, spoonbent flat chisel, the spoonbent gouge, and the scrapers (ordering spoonbent tools tonight). This series is such a learning experience for attention to layout, planning ahead, attention to detail, sequencing of construction. Both of you have outdone yourselves. Carrie, special thanks to how you have professionally put together these videos. It is uncommon to have such detailed closeups. Invaluable. Love your technique of showing Chris start the cuts, show us how, then bring in the finished subsection for us to quickly see the intended result. More like that please. I can't tell you how much this project has inspired me, as if I needed more.

| 20 October 2013 14:18

Chris, it's incredible how much one can learn from these videos without even intending on doing the same project. There was some great and most useful clips on using the spoon gouge. Thanks!

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