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20 Finishing

I use a 2-part wood bleach, made by Rustin's (UK). Follow the instructions and be careful not to get the liquid on your skin - I'm using latex gloves for protection. I seal the wood with a matt varnish - we don't want a shiny look for cotton

Fix the buttons with 2-part epoxy adhesive.


| 02 January 2014 20:13

Not really off topic, but I found a site with hyper-realistic & very imaginative carvings by Tom Eckert. Like Chris' shirt, these boggle my mind.

| 25 November 2013 07:54

William - There will be a video, but not for a while I'm afraid. Look in my book 'Elements of Woodcarving', page 65: you'll find me repairing a crelief carving with what is called a 'dutchman' and this would be what I do here too. Generally speaking, the videos are great but don't forget my books! Huge amount of hard won info in there to supplement what you are seeing here...

| 23 November 2013 14:30

Have you got that separate lesson on knot repair ready and running? I have a knot to repair.

| 09 November 2013 16:29

Eric - Yes, I do have a great resistance to answering this sort of question - not that it stops you asking! I don't think asking 'how long' has real meaning in this context, or at the end of the day is helpful to carvers: What is 'reasonable'? If you took longer, when would that become 'unreasonable'? And what is 'experienced' anyway? In what? Shirt carving? Sorry to disappoint yet again - my teeth are very resilient!

| 09 November 2013 15:48

Chris, I know it is like pulling teeth to get you to tell how long something takes to carve, but can you give us a very general idea regarding this shirt. For instance, what is a reasonable amount of time an experienced carver would set aside in days to do this shirt (not just hours at the bench, but time to contemplate, plan, take breaks, etc.... the entire completion "project")? (I know this is not one of your favorite questions!)

| 09 November 2013 04:05

Wow. Both of you, Chris and Carrie, have created a masterpiece of work and a masterpiece lesson in carving. Many thanks from a devoted student...

| 27 October 2013 10:19

Wynne - Thanks for getting me to clarify! You are right: it's the whole process I repeat, AB, AB etc, letting the chemicals work a while in between - it's obvious fairly soon whether you need to repeat. I also someinme repeat on selected areas; sometimes the wood doesn't all bleach equally. Best of luck!

| 22 October 2013 15:39

Perfect timing as I'm nearly ready to bleach parts of a sign/wall piece I'm carving as an Xmas present for my sister. But, you say, "You might have to apply Part A (or B)' more than once."

Could you clarify: Does 'more than once' mean Part A & Part B (repeated until enough color is removed), or Part A brushed on plus more Part A, followed by Part B (one or more times). The AB, AB, AB seems more likely to me, but I'd like to be sure before I do my test pieces.

| 19 October 2013 15:20

Dear Chris ,

Wonderful project. One of my wishes was seeing a video about carving clothing with al its rucks and folds.(pleats and creases) .It will be very helpful in my future projects.

Best wishes, Ton

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