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5 Bosting part 1

'Bosting in' is all about finding the main forms and flow of the piece and the best way I have of describing the process seems to be making a series of 'passes' across the carving, while still maintaining a sense of the whole.

There are some big decisions we can make in the first instance, and a saw comes in handy...


I don't show it, but it was at this point I changed the holding method: from gripping in a bench vice to a carvers screw run into the stuck-on block and through the plate of an adjustable holding device.

Holding in the vice was great for the heavy roughing out of the bowl but to get at the various parts of the carving: inside the bowl, with the leg for example; or later for the delicate work on the feet and front legs, I needed to adjust the position exactly.

Never be afraid to change the way you hold a piece. Most of what I suggest for holding on this website is mutable. You need to find the most efficient, convenient options with what you have to hand.


| 03 December 2011 12:56

Good morning Chris, et al... This was not meant to be your morning smile, but I have discovered that if you turn the sound off (hahahaha), it allows me to focus much deeper on tips of Chris' tools working & his hand/wrist movements. It is very effective for me at least, and not because I don't want to listen, but because it forces me to "see" more than I might when I am "sharing" my other senses (ears)... I only do this after I have watched the clip many times.... honest Chris

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