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3 Outside of the Bowl

We start with the bowl. In this lesson I show you how I hold the block of wood and carve the outside shape to a near finish. The most important thing to take away is the idea of 'feeling the form' - no, Luke, not something out of 'Star Wars' but the very essence of carved sculpture. And this bowl is nothing less than a sculptural form.

Depth Guage You can find a video describing a home-made one here.

Paper Sandwich method of holding: here.


| 10 June 2013 15:59

Jon - You got me there! I don't know anything about rasps with curved teeth...

| 06 June 2013 19:19

How about comparing files/rasps with normal teeth (like theones you are using in this video) and those with curved teeth?

I hear that files and rasps with curved teeth are less prone to "tear out" wood fibres.

| 29 November 2011 08:11

Robert - You are right. Some woods are quite 'woolly' ('fuzzy'?): too open grain or too fast growing, and don't scrape well. And this varies even for tree to tree.You could try different angles on you scrapers - and bear in mind I'm not using a cabinet makers technique here - before giving up on the wood. Most of my caving is left smoothed from the gouge or chisel anyway so make sure you master this aspect too!

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