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1 Background Research

I like to think of this carving as a response to Matsuo Basho's famous haiku:

Old pond / Frog jumps in / Plop!

Here's the frog climbing out. And I call it 'After Basho'...

This is the first lesson in a series in which I carve a bowl, with a frog climbing out and onto the rim. The frog bowl is a challenging carving: not only must the bowl got to look like a 'proper' bowl and the frog must look like a 'real' frog, but we have to get the two elements working believably together.

Even though this is a complicated, perhaps 'advanced', piece of work, newcomers will get a lot from absorbing the process and the step-by-step approach. There is a lot in this carving that is are applicable, transferable, to other carving, at all levels. And, of course, here is a way of simply carving a bowl, without a frog. Or a bowl with something else climbing out!

Working Drawing below: Of course you can make the bowl any shape you want!

Subscriber download: Working drawing and tool list (PDF)
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