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8 Refining

From the bigger, bosting picture we take a next 'pass' around the frog, clarifying the forms and sneaking up on that leg inside the bowl.


| 29 November 2011 08:06

Deborah - Carving anything in the round, I take a series of 'passes' (bosting 1, 2 etc). Each pass covers the whole subject. I naturally tend to favour the 'easy bits' but all parts are relative to each other and it's usually asking for trouble finishing one part too well before others. So I try and start the passes at different places. I think from 'front' and 'back' in this case were just the neat way it went.

| 29 November 2011 00:30

Chris, you mention that worked from back to front through the bosting stages and reversed that order for the rest of the carving. Why?

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