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9 Focusing

Sharpening up our act, undercutting where the frog meets the bowl, piercing through the front legs and cleaning up the surfaces.


| 08 December 2011 16:34

Interesting modification of the skew chisel (around the 1:30min-mark) allowing you to tuck the "keel" of the skew into tight places. A close-up of that and other modifications would be an interesting add to the sharpening workshops someday. As new as I am to carving, I find grinding/honing very natural as I have been a cabinetmaker all my life. Sharpening carving tools has simply add "intrigue" to my old procedures. On page 148 of your Tools, Materials & Equipment Vol 1, you outline similar modifications to the heel of gouges. Softening the heel is an absolute must, but I have recently begun to see the benefit of faceting the sides of the bevel for sneaking into "dark and forbidding" shadows.

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