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10 Detailing part 1

We turn to carving the feet and toes. This is small, detailed work so take it carefully.

Dockyard Tools produce some of the best small tools (1/16in. 2mm) out there and you buy them as a set - search online for dstributors. Dockyard makes tiny #9s but not flat #3s; these I made from the little chisels by slightly rounding the back and adding an inside bevel/cannel with a slipstone.


| 22 June 2015 19:50

Chris, My suggestion you may find a touch cumbersome, they are quite big but lightweight with it. as you say as little as possible so you stay in the zone but maybe useful for very fine detail on occasion.

| 08 June 2015 07:08

Dermot - Thanks for the suggestion. We need all the help we can get! I do sometimes wear simple x5 lenses that clip on to my spectacles and hinge up out of the way when I don't need them. I have to say I don't like using them; I feel a little disconnected from my tools lying some blurry distance away but I have found them very helpful for very fine detail and preventing eye strain so it's a bit of a balancing act...

| 04 June 2015 20:07

Chris in the video you mention that the fine detail can be hard on the eyes. have you ever considered an Optovisor or something similar for fine close up work. When picking a suitable lens you don't necessarily pick the strongest magnification but rather a lens strength more in line with the preferred working distance from the item under inspection. Just a thought.


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