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5 Straights part 2


| 07 January 2017 16:00

John - If you watch the video, you'll see that it's different from Straights part 1, which is video #4.

In Straights part 1 (#4), I show Rob how to do it.

In Straights parts 2(#5), THIS video, I supervise Rob as he has a go.

As I say to Paul below, I've presented the chapters into 2 parts like this (me, then Rob) for the whole DVD. You can see it in the directory on the left.

| 07 January 2017 01:31

Straights part 2 is pointing to Straights part 1 video stream.

| 24 April 2013 18:46

Paul - In part 1, I show Rob what to do. In this one, part 2, I supervise him trying to do it... This is the pattern throughout this whole series.

| 24 April 2013 17:41

Dear Chris;

Part 2 appears identical to Part 1, am I missing something? Thanks

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