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7 Serifs part 2


| 04 March 2017 09:30

Peter - Yes, it's a fishtail. Why? because the serif is really a little inverted pyramid and the angle at it's point is less than 90 degrees. If you were to use a regular chisel with a square (90) corner, you would most likely damage the sides or junctions of the serif.
The corners of the fishtail - here in lettering, but elsewhere in carving generally - let you get into corners that other gouges won't tidily or easily reach.

| 02 March 2017 20:47

On the last cut on the serif where you pop it out are you using a fishtail chisel? I didn't catch what you were using. Is it necessary to use the serif chisel for that operation?
I need to buy these chisels when I can and I just bought a #10 fishtail gouge and the chisel will be my next tool.

Thanks Chris! I really like these videos.


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