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6 Serifs part 1


| 31 October 2022 13:11

Oscar - Pfeil put the letter F in front of their standard 'cuts' to signify a fishtail shape. They also don't produce the full range - sweep and width - in a fishtail.
The one that will be most useful here is 5F x 12mm.

| 30 October 2022 14:17

Hi Chris,

So, what was the Pfeil sweep number for the fishtail gouge?


| 14 September 2021 15:47

Thanks Chris. I was referring to the vertical height for eg in CR “I” if one was to add serifs at top and bottom what would be the distance between the top of that vertical element of the “I” and the horizontal axis of the serif? Thanks

| 14 September 2021 14:16

Imran - Well, it really depends on the letter form/style but in this case, with classic Roman letters, the total width of the serif (at the top of a vertical element, ends up twice the width of the vertical element itself.
So, on each side of the vertical element, each (half) serif expands to half the width of the element. It will be clearer if you draw this out!

| 13 September 2021 13:05

Hi Chris. What is the distance between the top of the vertical element and top of the serif? Thanks

| 14 March 2017 21:50

Confusing is an understatement. A #1 sweep sounds like an oxymoron to me something in the line of "Jumbo Shrimp" Ha ha
Thanks again Chris.

| 14 March 2017 20:51

Peter - In every nomenclature that I know of a #1 is flat: a chisel, not curved at all. Once there is a curve, you have a gouge.

There is confusion to be had out there: Many carvers talk about 'chisels' for all carving tools, with gouges just being curved chisels. Then again, some firms (Pfeil?) call all their tools gouges - thus the #1 'gouge', which is just an infinitely big curve. What we call flat. Or a chisel...
Hey ho.

| 14 March 2017 19:24

I finally found what I was looking for.
Thanks for all the help.

| 14 March 2017 18:33

I hate to bother you again but would a #1 fishtail gouge be the same as a chisel? I know it's seems like a stupid question but that's all I can find.
I'm looking at the Sheffield list and the #1 looks like a straight edge.

| 14 March 2017 18:23

Thanks, Chris. I'll search again.

| 14 March 2017 06:28

Peter - You shouldn't have problem finding a fishtail chisel. Pfeil, Iles, Taylor - they all make them. Try searching for 'fishtail wood carving chisel'. You really do need a chisel for the flat, top end of the serif, not a gouge; unless you are making it curved.
You can certainly make one from a cheap chisel: you only need to fishtail the far working inch or so. Do bear in mind that carving chisels are perfectly symmetrical, with a bevel on both sides, unlike a bench or carpentry chisel which is offset.

Fishtail gouges are sharpened in the same manner as regular gouges, and have inside bevels.

| 13 March 2017 22:09

One more question.
I've been searching for fishtail chisels and can't find one anywhere. Am I missing something?
The closest I can find would be a #3 sweep gouge. I think it's a #3.
Maybe I could make one out of a cheap chisel, I have a few of those.


| 13 March 2017 19:55

Chris, I'm not sure if you mentioned it but does the fishtail gouge have an inner bevel?

| 08 May 2014 17:51

This video really helped my leter carving. Thank you.

| 16 January 2013 12:04

I've replaced the video - all well now?

| 25 December 2012 02:48

Good evening. This particular session won't play. There is a circle with a line running through the "play" button. Part 2 plays, as do all the previous sessions, but not this one. While I have your letter carving book, and DVD, I like to view and replay these smaller sessions. Thank you for your excellent video workshops. They are invaluable. This type of exceptional instruction is not available any where else. They are worth twice the price. I appreciate the care and detail each session contains.
Susan Alexander

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