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4 Straights part 1


| 15 August 2023 14:53

Simon - It's the chisels that are the extra tools you need for lettering; it's very hard to carve, and repeatedly carve, straight edges without them! Luckily the gouges are general carving tools you can us elsewhere.

I'm a little confused by you asking 'do you put a bevel on the inside as well?' Lettering chisels differ from bench chisels in being perfectly symmetrical ie they have equal bevels on both sides - there is no 'inside' or 'outside' bevel. You can use them with either side to the wood. I hope this is the type of chisel you have, rather bench chisel which have only the one bevel; the other side being completely flat.

When you buy a proper lettering chisel, it should come with a bevel on each side. For most woods, commission each bevel to 15-20 degrees for a total combined bevel of around 30.

| 12 August 2023 13:48

Hi Chris, Thought i would move on to the letter carving, which is what i originally wanted to learn. Hmm. More chisels! OK not a problem. What bevel angle do you put on the flat lettering chisels? Also when it comes to the gouges, do you put a bevel on the inside as well, given that these are being hammered? Cheers SI

| 01 February 2014 20:57

To. Pete Bennett. I'm sorry I did not reply earlier. I took your advice and all is good. Cheers Jim H

| 07 September 2013 15:49

To Sidney
It's available on Amazon Uk for ú13.99 even with air frieght it should not be $200.00 give it a try If not I'm sure we could get a copy posted over to you

| 30 April 2013 20:13

Chris. I have most of your books, but have dragged my feet, for no reason I can think of, over ordering, "Letter carving in wood" Only to be told "it is no longer in print and Amazon is offering it at $200.00 plus, etc. etc. I am only telling you this as you may not be aware of the situation.? You frequently make references to the publication. I have only recently tracked down a copy of "Carving tools and equipment"! So, many thanks for the marvellous tuition, it's a dream come true. Jim.H

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