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1 Safety

I made this DVD, 'Letter Carving', with Rob Cosman in 2007. It follows the very successful teaching pattern that I developed in my book, 'Lettercarving in Wood' (GMC Publications), which I strongly recommend you use in conjunction with these lessons.

The whole DVD is 1hr 29mins long and I've divided it up along the lines of the DVD 'chapters', but the DVD titles within these videos don't necessarily parallel the titles that I am giving you in the series here.

Also, some of these chapters are substantial chunks so we've subdivided these into 2 parts: the first part is my demonstration; the second part is Rob 'having a go' with me looking over his shoulder.

I break the carving of letters into 4 clear processes: straights, serifs, junctions and curves. Master these and you're well on your way to carving any letterform you like.

Rob Cosman plays the part of intelligent layman and I walk him through these 4 procedures, start to finish. I don't speak to camera, just to the 'guy next to me'.

There are many other demonstrations of lettercarving in Woodcarving Workshops, so do look at those as well as what we have here.

This first lesson is a short introduction by Rob Cosman and deals with safety...

Note: The DVD was originally made in 3:4 aspect ratio. This site plays in widescreen aspect. Thus we are all a bit stretched. But this doesn't affect the quality and content.

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