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12 Curves part 2


| 17 November 2023 18:34

Watching rob carve the O. Why am I not surprised he did so well first time lol. Chris I noticed the inside of the curved gouge was pretty polished at the tip. Do you just polish/ buff it or do you put an internal bevel on it? Cheers. Si

| 18 April 2019 11:42

Carlos - I've re-uploaded all the videos with glitches and everything appears to be working fine now.
Please empty your cache and reload the pages before you try them again and let me know if you have any problems.

Thanks again for reporting the issue. We depend on feedback to keep the site behaving properly!

| 17 April 2019 19:54

I have some rather large Trajan lettering to carve, its my first foray into any carving whatsoever. Theres nothing like jumping in at the deep end! I was hoping these videos would enlighten me but the ones I would really like to watch dont seem to work. Its not an issue with my browser as some work and some dont. Any ideas Chris?

| 28 September 2018 08:46

Sienna - Yes, the curves are the real challenge!
In the way you are binge watching, how about binge O-ing? Practice is really the only way: you have to develop muscle and muscle memory, be totally familiar with what you are aiming for, and so on.

Some practical thoughts: If the edges are scalloped, it probably means you are using too quick (too curved) a gouge. There's a great video about the geometry of gouges 'choosing gouges for curves' in the lettercarving section. Have a good look at that.

The way I cut curves is truly the best way to get that really slick, fluid edge to the letters but it does need quite an effort to learn. Don't think for a moment I found it easy when I was learning but once I got it, I got it for life. And if you can carve a lovely O, all other curves are just variations on that and you'll be away and running.
And, here's the real gem: when you find you are carving letters well, you'll also find every other aspect of your carving will have improved enormously, because of the tools control you have developed - and the carving world will be your lobster…

| 27 September 2018 20:31

Hi Chris!
I am loving all the videos, I have been binge watching them for the last few days since I became a member. I primarily do letter carving, but have been also doing relief, and some in the round for the last year. Currently I am going a little crazy! haha While I have come a long way since I started letter carving, and am producing nice, clean letters, I am still having a hard time keeping a consistent 60 degree angle all the way round, especially for Os and Qs. I was just out in the shop practicing the techniques of this video, since the way I learned was quite different (using v tool to part wood instead of stop cuts, and using straight chisels at an angle for the inner curves), and all 5 of my Os have become scalloped looking as I move my tool along. After watching the video about the slipping away I realized I haven't consistently been turning my "dagger" hand while pushing with the thumb, so that is a massive revelation, but I still am carving scallops instead of proper Os. Do you have any pointers?

| 21 March 2013 19:38

I must agree with Ann, It just makes it real. excellent series.

| 13 January 2013 18:52

May seem strange to say, but it was nice to see a non-expert struggle a bit, be corrected and yet do it. It's actually both helpful and encouraging.

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