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9 The Book

Don't think of the book as less important than the gloves in the overall design!

The book makes the story. What does that mean? Well, a carving that engages the viewer either with humour, say, or a bit of mystery, or appearing to be part of a narrative is, literally, more attractive. Gloves on their own could be interesting, sure, but add a book and carving broadens, becomes a still life with a story. Also the book, at an angle, sets off the gloves. Its hard corners and dead flat surface oppose the limp, loose ones of the leather. If all has gone well you have the outer covers of the book finished. Our job is to carve the edges and spine. We can use the grain direction in our design to help us.


| 08 February 2015 21:06

Sorry...forgot to include this link:

| 08 February 2015 21:05

Hi Chris, I noted as you marked the edge of the book cover with your marking gauge that you had to stop when you reached the overhanging glove. May I recommend the Veritas Marking Gauge which has a different design. Among other things, it will allow you to mark a line right up to your overhanging glove.
I have had one of these gauges for quite some time and it is invaluable. I can see clearly that yours is good quality but if you buy one of these Veritas gauges, you will probably never use your old one again, such is its ease of use, accuracy and capacity to mark right up to a face.

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