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7 Fingers

Carving between the fingers, with one glove lying on the other and without damaging either, or the surface of the book, is the most difficult part of this carving. However, it must be done! And, if done well, separating and undercutting around the fingers more than anything makes this piece convincing.

It's a common problem: carving into end grain, and there is no magic answer. You need very sharp tools (are there any others?), take light cuts and slice where possible. Excavate as much of the waste as you can then go for a careful finish. Think about mocking up the issue on a spare piece of wood and have a go before tackling the gloves themselves.


| 25 October 2014 14:38

A handy tool for getting into those spaces between the fingers is a shop-made special. I only use it to clean those pesky splinters from tight spaces. I cut the end off a fretsaw blade or a scrollsaw blade and inserted the blade into a simple handle. I turned the blade so the teeth are cutting on the pull stroke and shaped the working tip to a point ending at the first tooth. I made the handle from wood about the size of a screwdriver handle. I first drilled a small hole to receive the fretsaw blade before I shaped the wood for a comfortable grip. I inserted the end of the blade with the little pin still attached into my handle and glued the blade with a small mix of epoxy. This tool has only one purpose and if the blade ever gets dull, I can either grind another pointed end or make another tool. Note: these blades are very brittle and pieces can fly up when one is cutting or grinding; Always wear proper safety eye glasses! Reading glasses are NOT safety glasses. Stay safe!

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