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5 Bosting part 2

From a bosting first 'pass' we made a second, refining and dividing the forms.

It's really important to proceed like this: big forms to smaller, and not the other way round: putting in details too early, for example. Everything appears in its own good time.

At the end of this stage we should have passed what I call the 'point of recognition' andwe should find the gloves present, even if in a ghostly form, on the book.

Golden rules! I noticed that I mention 5 or 6 very important woodcarving principals or ideas in this particular lesson. They are not new; I've drawn attention to them over and over again elsewhere on this site, but I thought I'd flag them up for you on the video. If you'd care to write to me with what you think are others, I'll see about compiling a Golden Rules Download!


| 19 August 2014 16:39

Love the Golden Rules and will take up the challenge to try to bring up others that you've passed along to us through these videos!

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