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1 Getting Started

An afternoon, spent perhaps by Alice's big sister, reading in the garden. But then she had to come in, leaving her book & gloves on the table...

Well, that's the sort of illusion I'm trying to go for. The book & gloves are carved from one piece of Oak and fully in the round. Most of the work is straight forward as you'll see as we proceed step-by-step. The most challenging part is in seperating the fingers, but all in good time...

I'd really like you to set up your own model, rather than try and copy mine. So, more for your information, my 'working drawing' and the main carving tools are available for Woodcarving Workshops subscribers to download below.

Subscriber download: Gloves & Book (PDF)


| 01 June 2015 05:57

Dermot - It's called a 'Hydroclamp' and made by Spencer Franklin in the UK. SF make a variety of sizes of which I know some are available from tool distributors. However, I don't know which - will help start a websearch (and don't worry that it turns up 'WDS' as a company - same thing now).These clamps are quite expensive because they are hydraulic and originally designed for holding engines etc. There are cheaper ones out there that will be well up to the job - Jerryrig, for example.

| 30 May 2015 16:27

Chris, what is the make of the Ball Joint vice you use ?

| 19 August 2014 16:07

Chris, very useful the reasoning used to decide the lay of the project on the wood. Superficially I would have lined the book up with the grain, instead one realizes with your guidance that the weak points take the major focus in deciding. Thanks

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