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4 Bosting part 1

'Bosting' is a lovely old woodcarving term that I learned on my first day ever at the bench and one that I want to keep. It's not quite the same as 'roughing out', which to me is an even earlier stage that includes bandsawing. Bosting is when you start sketching in the main forms and how they 'articulate' and flow together, the big picture.

We need the second of those important reference points and close attention to our model. You can think of the whole carving process as a series of 'passes' - and this will be our first.


| 23 August 2014 15:12

Paul - Thanks for those insightful comments. I COULD make it look difficult but I don't think that would help! Once you become competant at carving, in other words you have a repertoire if 'things you do and do well', which comes with practice and experience and doesn't necessarily take long, woodcarving becomes an 'inner game' and the differences between carvers lies now in their ideas and design, how daring they feel, and so on. I hope you can see that the skills I use in this project I also use on most of the other projects on the site. So be encouraged!

| 22 August 2014 17:40

Love your video's. I've been away for awhile but when I came back and watched your video I noticed the same pattern.. PLAN YOUR CARVING AND CARVE YOUR PLAN. Your method makes it seem so natural and are easily followed. Also your narrating does not only cover what your doing but WHY you are doing it. Some other carvers just carve away and seem to hope you can follow. Once again thanks and being a member to your workshops video, makes me realized that anything can be carved if we only take the time to LOOK, Break it down, Stop and Plan. Of course you make it look so easy.

| 19 August 2014 16:28

Great reinforcing of measuring, studying, referencing the model constantly. Thanks as always for teaching "beyond" the project in hand...

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