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7 Leaves part 2

Defining and 'fluting' the leaves to finish the carving. Again, you should be able to see how the method 'works' and adapt it to your own designs. Look at how useful it is to change hands!

There's a swapping over in the 'Techniques' video category: Grip Series #3.


| 09 August 2013 14:34

Sandy - Ah, pricing. I've not dealt with it elsewhere but it's not actually difficult, something like: materials + overheads + time. Any book on starting a business is likely to use something like what we do as a simple example. The first 2 will be fixed: the cost of the wood and monthly outgoings for the shop. It's the time factor that's crucial: how long would it take you, including designing the piece, preparing the block, carving and finishin?. And then, how much do you think you are worth? So much depends on speed and quality of work (and design). Not too much help perhaps but let me add to price a job, I do my best to think it through using my experience along these lines, then allow a % for what I haven't thought of (and how much I think the client will mess me around) - and that will be my quote, which I always stick to. Seemed to have survived so far! All the best.

| 07 August 2013 04:07

I have adapted this design to decorate the top of an entry mirror with drawers and coat pegs. It would be wonderful to know what you charged for your door lintel, but I realize that it is asking for privileged information. Do any of your books cover pricing your work? Perhaps a lesson on the subject could be done if there is enough interest. I am enjoying this carving. It looks great and is actually fairly simple the way you have presented it step-by-step. Thanks, Sandy

| 30 March 2012 23:10

I would love to see this as a finished product on the door. I'm sure it is stunning.

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