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3 Outlining

In this lesson we define the various parts: outline, patera and leaves.


| 20 January 2014 08:11

Yiorgos - Yes, there is an elevation difference: the patera remains a little 'proud', ie. sharpe and more defined while the leaves just run up to the edge of the patera and stop it. You'll find the distinction in levels happens naturally as you carve. I'm sorry if that wasn't clear and thank you for asking the question.

| 19 January 2014 17:55

Dear Chris, what happent finally with the height level around tha patera. At the first you carve this area (near 2 cm) around the patera but it is not clear how continue the leaves to the rest of the project.Is there an elevation difference between the areas around the patera and the rest of the projects;

thank you
Yiorgos / Greece

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