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1 Background Research

The project started with my being given the wood and a rather blurry photocopy. I pulled in details from the book: Pugin's Gothic Ornament (Dover Publications Inc. Feb 1989. ISBN-10: 9780486255002 ISBN-13: 978-0486255002). August Pugin was the great Victorian artist/architect, probably best known for his neo-Gothic-style work on the Houses of Parliament.

In this first lesson in the series, I introduce and describe the project. For subscribing members, below is my working drawing and tool list of the Victorian Gothic Lintel carvings.

Subscriber download: Victorian Gothic Lintel


| 20 May 2020 15:15

Irene - I didn't include any tool list for this 'project' because it was an actual commission a specific door and felt it was unlikely anyone would have a need for that exact size lintel. Rather, I hoped you could see what I was doing and the sorts of tools I was using so you could adapt the designs to your own purposes.
The best thing to do is draw out what you want on waste wood first and see how the tools you have work with the design. It's quite usual in carving to adapt a design to fit the tools you have. I'm using quite common tools here, I generally try to do this throughout the site so hopefully you should be able to manage.
Write again if you have a problem and all the best with your carving!

| 19 May 2020 14:23

Dear Chris,
I can't find the list of tools in your document

sincerly Irene Bachmann

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